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The Best Unsung Female Scientists

It seems a week doesn’t go by where we don’t hear about STEM and some of the great strides we are making in making science and tech education more accessible for our daughters. A new book has come out that showcases 52 women and their contributions to science, each ultimately changing the world. Rachel Swaby […] - (read more)

Reza Aslan has a new show on CNN

A few days ago, Deadline announced Reza Aslan’s new show on CNN about religious rituals. Over at Science of Us, a feature by, there is a great interview with Aslan about his hopes and goals for the show. It sounds incredibly promising and intriguing. Hopefully, all those people who denounced Aslan and his books […] - (read more)

David Carr – Beloved by All

I have spent last night and this morning reading from the NYT’s archives of David Carr’s work. I have never read David Carr, and now that I have, I feel I have missed out on a great deal of some of the best writing in journalism. I decided to do this reading because of the […] - (read more)

Who Is the Pope?

This is a fantastic veiw of who Pope Francis is and what that means for the Catholic Church. If you are interested, this is a really great read. Read the Article: Who Is the Pope? Francis’s humility and spontaneity have won the plaudits of the world’s press, but his style has not delighted everyone in […] - (read more)